Shape Lab

ShapeShift, A Mobile Tabletop Shape Display (ACM SIGCHI 18')


Terraform Overview

ShapeShift is a compact, high-resolution (7mm pitch) mobile tabletop display. Resting on an actuated omnidirectional-robot platform, ShapeShift can display volumetric datasets and provide encounter-type haptic feedback. When combined with a virtual reality head-mounted display, ShapeShift simulates the presence of virtual content. In particular, I created a demonstration for the exploration of spatial data. In this demo, the display can be moved to explore terrain maps beyond its boundary, and physical tools can be used as proxies to modify the

Virtual Environment

• Terrain height-map • Spherical terrain distortion • Mesh collider for pin display detection • Ray cast for regional selection • User-adjustable speed and direction • Camera re-orientation for VR HMD

Physical Demonstration

• SLA 3D printed wand with slider • Mobile, deformable scene + lateral haptics • IR reflective markers for positional tracking of wand and display with OptiTrack, a precision motion capture and 3D tracking system

Multi-IMU Hand Posture Glove Overview

Real-time tracking of the 3D pose and configuration of the hand has extensive applications for interaction in virtual reality. The price and complexity of sufficiently accurate systems such as OptiTrack, however, have prohibited efficacy for small-scale demos. In this project, I sought to build a low-cost hand tracking glove that can be used to test ShapeShift more readily across a variety of platforms. • Inertial Tracking • IMU Sensor Fusion and Filtering