An interactive archive of historical data



The idea behind Chronos was to create a historical-information search engine through which users could learn about the cultural, natural, and economic events that occurred on any given day in the past 200 years. By bringing to light the minutiae of everyday life, I hoped to bring back those forgotten aspects of history. Specifically I would present visualized information in the categories of sports, music, finance, economics, news, and climate. Over three years, Chronos went through six complete rebuilds as I programmed the front-end, back-end, and database systems. Many components of Chronos were complicated to build. I had to accommodate major updates to iOS over the course of production, namely auto-layout; manually seek out data sources from obscure corners of the web and unravel large unruly government databases; create sub applications for each historical category (which involved myriad challenges from music copyright adherence to proper financial analytics); patch a python datetime error; and correct for shifting timezones, leap seconds, reorganized zip codes. I even had to correct for NFL contract disputes.

Sketching Initial Designs

Developing Multiple iOS Prototypes

Final Product